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Dream versus Reality – part 2

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As things progress sexually, fantasy disappear, as my own responses to sensuality and stimulation do not have to be contrived. I am very responsive to the touch, taste, smell, sight and sounds of sexuality. The sex we experience, will…

Does Escort Have The Need For Love?

escort services

I have written to you about when a client falls in love with an escort, but what about when an escort falls in love? Do we have that privilege…? Clients always seem very curious about this, which I…

A Client Falls in Love

escort services

When I first entered this business, I realize, it is best to just be my natural, normal self with anyone who comes to see me. Sometimes, I become very comfortable with a “client” who I see regularly. I…

Dream versus Reality – part 1

escort services

How much of what we experience is dream, and how much is reality? Some claim, that there is nothing real about our encounters except the sex itself—everything else is a complete fiction. Some even claim that the sex itself…

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