When I first entered this business, I realize, it is best to just be my natural, normal self with anyone who comes to see me. Sometimes, I become very comfortable with a “client” who I see regularly.
I really do start seeing that person as an actual friend, and not just a “client.” I can describe myself, as a pretty open person and very honest–perhaps too much. As the escort, I know that I must guard my heart in order to continue in the business.

need for love
Sometimes, the “client,” does not always feel that compunction, and so doesn’t always put on the emotional brakes. That is when; I see jealousy begin to creep in. The person, who had become such a good friend of mine, now begins to make disparaging remarks about my seeing other people, despite the fact that that is exactly how the two of us also initially met. Messages begin to be sent to me regarding the ads I post. Despite my assurances that we are good friends, but only friends, the person continue to reveal that my having other friends is bringing him pain and heartache.
Now, what does one do?
Talking and understanding another person, always helped me in this situation. However, it leaves me with the sense, that there is now no good answer with such a friendship. And it leaves me pondering the wisdom of allowing myself to be my real self with people. Perhaps I should be keeping a higher and stronger wall.
Perhaps I need to create a new persona after all. This, to me, is a second dilemma! But perhaps, that is the definition of being “a professional” in this business. Or perhaps, the answer is simple; we are all human with hearts, which can’t always control their emotions.