Zurich Dolls Escort Packages & Prices


Term Price
1 hour CHF 500
2 hours CHF 800
3 hours CHF 1100
4 hours CHF 1.300
6 hours CHF 1.600
8 hours CHF 1.900
12 hours CHF 2.300
18 hours CHF 2.600
24 hours CHF 3.000
48 hours CHF 5.000
Till more than 2 days Call us or send us email


Term Price
1 hour CHF 600
2 hours CHF 900
3 hours CHF 1.200
4 hours CHF 1.500
6 hours CHF 1.800
8 hours CHF 2.100
12 hours CHF 2.500
18 hours CHF 2.800
24 hours CHF 3.300
48 hours CHF 5.300
Till more than 2 days Call us or send us email


Term Price
1 hour CHF 700
2 hours CHF 1.100
3 hours CHF 1.300
4 hours CHF 1.700
6 hours CHF 2.000
8 hours CHF 2.300
12 hours CHF 2.700
18 hours CHF 3.000
24 hours CHF 3.500
48 hours CHF 5.600
Till more than 2 days Call us or send us email

The escort price is nearly nothing when you compare it to the cost of a regular date. It is incredible the way that inflation has taken a date that used to cost around CHF 20 and made it into an investment of more than one hundred Swiss Francs. That is the sad shame of it all and it is amazing that any real dating occurs anymore these days. It is practically less expensive to use our service and it is so much simpler in the long run. It simply takes way too much effort to get a girl like this any other way. It would takes months, if not years to get a near perfect girl like these on your arm for the night and we know that you would much rather make things happen this way. We are here so that you do not have to go through all of that. We are here to make things simple and easy.

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