As things progress sexually, fantasy disappear, as my own responses to sensuality and stimulation do not have to be contrived. I am very responsive to the touch, taste, smell, sight and sounds of sexuality. The sex we experience, will be very real, and not fantasy.

The conversation with me that surrounds and permeates an entire encounter will be totally authentic. It is true that on a first date I am not going to share too many personal details of my life, just to be prudent, but whatever I do share will be my real thoughts and opinions. Those who continue to see me repeatedly ,find that they do get to know me in a genuine way.

Cleaning up after—the kiss good by—what have I left out? The acceptance of the funds—we can’t call that fantasy dream—very real for both of us! Now this all precludes any actual fantasy that is requested, of course, such as the teacher/student fantasy, the naughty schoolgirl, etc. Aside from those encounters, most of what one experiences with me is pretty darn genuine.

But what is the reality of our situation? Are we really in love? Are we really a couple? Let’s be honest, if tomorrow I left escorting, or tomorrow your financial circumstances changed and you could no longer afford to meet with me, would our relationship continue unchanged? The truth is: no. As sweet and precious as what we have is, there is no doubt that it would begin to wane and ultimately disippate. Sad to say, that is the complete reality. I believe that what we have is very precious, but that it is to be held lightly. Someone once told me that that towhich we cling tightly causes us a lot of pain when our grip on it has to be pried off, but if we hold a treasure lightly, when it comes time to release it, it is far less painful So my philosophy is to hold it, treasure it, fully and completely revel in its wonderfulness, but hold it lightly, because eventually, it will undoubtedly evanesce.

These are my thoughts.

Your Genuine Fantasy Dream Girl…..