“I want your life,” wrote the girl I’d never met before. She isn’t the only one. I’m not a celebrity, I am an elite escort lady.

It’s easy to realise ,why escorting is seen as a glamourous lifestyle. Escort for me it is not just a job,I get pleasure from it. As a high class escort I’m showered with affection, adored beyond measure, ravished, celebrated for my femininity, and paid for my time. Oh, and dinner, hotels, and any gifts are on him. I dress with style, wear lovely perfume and carry myself with elegance and charm… the epitome of a beautiful woman. I have class, intelligence, I enjoy wearing high heels, revealing dresses and make-up. I have an appreciation for beautiful things in all aspects, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. I am always surrounded by refreshing designs from exclusive designer brands. My favorite design houses are  Burberry, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. . My sexiness comes from within and is a fine balance of good looks with confidence. They say that men who visit escorts, are paying not for the sex but for the company, and it’s true. Throughout the entire booking we are completely in control. I had rarely an orgasm until I started escorting, and I have received more head in a year working here, than I got in all the years I was dating. What I love about this job is that the clients come in order to adore you; they are paying for your time and your company, and you’re always in the position of power.

I feel very lucky to be in a career, where I can go out, enjoy myself, visit amazing places and meet so many fun and interesting people. Being an international escort,I travel a lot and all around the world. I have been a great companion for a business meetings and social events. Being around so much definitely gives me, the advantage of knowledge about different places, and lifting several levels up on how to blend, while escorting a refined gentlemen on a trip. I definitely learned, how to combine dangerous with sophistication and gentle beauty. The glitz of a casino, the excitement centered on motorsports, the thrill of horseback riding, and the feeling evoked while taking in the arts, these are all passions for me, sensations and experiences that I lived and longed for. It’s a great way to experience the world and the endless options.

I’m happy that I don’t have to live like everyone. Every day is new and different, and life feels very full. The elite escort is full of surprises that will take your mind of everything quite fast.