Celebrity Escort?  You may be thinking…What is that?

I have one of the COOLEST jobs on the planet.  You’ll never find this job posted on Craigslist and never has anyone talked about this career until now!  I know, because I am a Celebrity Escort…one of the world’s most experienced.  But in reality, I am Arm Candy.

I’m just an average guy from a small town in Pennsylvania who managed to carve out a career walking movie, television and music stars down the most exciting and publicized red carpets in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Sounds shady?  I assure you its all professional.  Fun?  Sometimes.  Eventful?  Always!

I’ve prepped Cameron Diaz for the Oscars red carpet stroll; shared laughs with Julia Roberts after her son heard Tom Hanks voice from a dressing room and thought for sure it was “Woody”; escorted Susan Sarandon to her musical idol’s dressing room for a first time introduction; escorted a half naked musical sensation to the bathroom when he just couldn’t hold it in; played photographer for stars who were star-struck themselves by other Hollywood legends, and downed Vodka and Red Bull with the best of Tinseltown (the drink of choice during one “season”!).

It all started for me in 1999 with a VH1 Diva’s Award show, when I was invited to escort some stars from SNL down the Red Carpet, and now…13 years later, I’ve been Arm Candy for more than 150 celebrities on what sometimes turns into the biggest night of their lives.

Sometimes they win awards.  Other times they lose.  And I’m the one who helps them hold it together.  They are stars all on their own, but I help them during the course of the day so that they can have no fears or worries and just be themselves – well, their public selves anyway.

Have I got stories…like why the folks in Nordstrom’s men’s department hate me, to the best way to crash an after-party no matter what town you live in, to what celebrities are really like when the cameras are turned off.  I have gained a new respect for award shows and many celebrities after learning the secrets behind-the-scenes and knowing how everything comes together.

“Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales from the Red Carpet” delves into what really goes on before, during and after the red carpet is rolled out.  For over a decade, I have had ALL ACCESS and for the first time, you can too.  I am not a person born into wealth or had any connections into Hollywood when I started, I was thrown into this exciting world and would love to share it with you.  I invite you to take a peek at what goes on behind the curtain and at the edge of the red carpet.  You will never look at Hollywood in the same way again…

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